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What Society Created

Light vs. Dark skinned (Facial features is what makes someone “unattractive” not skin shade or color..)

Long Hair is better vs. short hair is “man-headed”…(don’t be offended that term came from an insecure group of black women who run to buy indian hair to sew to their scalp or burn their scalp to look more european)

Tall vs. Short 

Slim/damn near Anorexic vs. Thick 

Straight vs. Kinky/Coily/Nappy

Biracial curl pattern vs. More A Free Kan curl pattern

Blue collar workers who work their ass off for under 15 dollars an hour vs. Sit in your office and do damn near nothing and call orders Directors who make 50-70 a year. 

Having degree vs. Having only a HS diploma (even tho i have a degree, i will say, education is not based on a paper merit)

Talking “white” vs. Talking “black” (oh please, i have no comment for black people who classify this as selling out. I mean buying into the society’s concepts of how you should be, and living it out, that’s “white” gtfoh)

Oh and to top off this list:

Black women with blond hair

Texturizers and still claiming to be “natural”

Old people who think they are superior..please, i know a lot of old fools and young wise people out there…real talk.

Bun babylon. 

alright I out.

If someone growing up favors art over math…is that a big deal? or worthy of discussion?

just wondering y’all..

Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured…Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.

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